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Junior Development Programme

Junior Development Programme

We’re thrilled to introduce our revamped Golfway coaching stages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Our Development Programme, divided into three stages, offers an engaging and enjoyable coaching environment for juniors stepping onto the golf for the first time and those aiming for success in Elite Amateur tournaments.

Our goal for Junior Golf at The Bristol is to cultivate a thriving community of young golfers by providing opportunities for regular and engaging participation.

Here’s what each coaching stage includes:


Bronze Stage: (£75.00)

This Stage is perfect for beginners and juniors looking to improve their skills ready for the course.

  • 8x 1 hour group coaching sessions over 3 months
  • 2-hour group playing lesson
  • Golfway booklet
  • Access to Bucks Club


Silver Stage: (£100.00)

Silver is designed to increase playing ability and improve upon basic fundamentals ready for tournament golf.

  • 2x 1 hour group coaching per month
  • 1x 30-minute individual lesson per month
  • Golfway booklet
  • Access to Bucks Club
  • Opportunities to represent The Bristol

Gold Stage: (Invite Only)

Performance coaching with one of our PGA professionals, specially designed for junior golfers who are preparing for elite amateur events.

  • 1x 1 hour group coaching per month
  • 2x 30-minute individual lesson per month
  • Access to Bucks Club
  • Opportunities to represent The Bristol

Bucks Club: (£5.00 Per Session) More information coming soon!

Introducing our newest offering: Junior roll-up sessions, exclusively available to Club Members and Golfway Academy Members!

These sessions aren’t heavily coaching based they provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where juniors can meet and enhance skills. Whether it’s a relaxed practice session or a friendly round on the Par 3 or Championship Course, the Bucks Club offers a supportive community for juniors to excel and have fun.


If you have any questions, please contact me or Scott. We’re eager to assist you in selecting the perfect coaching level to match your goals and schedule.

Stay tuned for more details on session dates and times.

We can’t wait to see you and help you unleash your full potential!


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