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We are all are excited at the prospect of seeing you back here playing golf and enjoying the company of your fellow golfers, and are also looking forward to welcoming several new Members, who have joined the Club during the lockdown.

As we approach the resumption of golf, we thought it would be useful to remind all Members about our tee booking system and lay out the applicable lead times of each membership category.

Our membership structure is designed to provide value, so those who pay the most (7 days members) in subscriptions receive the greatest access to the tee sheet (21 days). However, the Club also wants to encourage younger golfers to play golf, and with that in mind offers Juniors free membership and anyone under 35 significantly cheaper subscriptions. However, the one caveat for juniors and Intermediate Members is that they have a shorter lead time for bookings than a Full Member who pays considerably more for their monthly subscription.

Please be aware that the lead times apply to each individual Member if you are making a group booking — i.e. a 7-day Member cannot book in an Intermediate ahead of their applicable lead time. It is also worth noting that visitors can only book 7 days in advance and any ‘anonymous’ will be removed from the tee sheet.

MembershipAdvanced Tee Booking
Full Membership21 Days
Five Day Membership14 Days
Intermediates (30-34)10 Days
Intermediates (25-29)10 Days
Intermediates (18-24)7 Days
Juniors (Under 18)3 Days
Flexible14 Days
Crown Golf Memberships12 Days