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Members Newsletter – July 2022


From the Head Greenkeeper

As I write this newsletter, we have just come off the 2-day PGA Open Series OOM event. For me, the team, and I am sure the club, it was a great pleasure to hold the event and show off the course in the best fashion we could. 

For both days, the Greenkeeping department was in at 3.30 am for a 4 am start, so that we could ensure to give the course a full cut and preparation ready for the event. This included:

  • Double Greens Cut
  • Hole change and Green Clearance
  • Full Bunker Rake
  • Tees Cut
  • Approaches and Collars Cut
  • Fairways Cut
  • Semi Rough Cut
  • Tee Banks and Carry’s Cut
  • Tee Divoting

It was a brilliant effort from the whole team, and I am very proud of what we produced for the visiting players.  

This month, with the additional investment in staff from our owner, we have had two new staff join us for the summer season to assist us with carrying out a variety of jobs around the course. Both were thrown straight into strimming and hedge cutting works. As you may have noticed, areas such as the 4th tee ditches, 12th tee banks, 16th green banks and 17th fairway banks have all been trimmed down to help on the course. With their assistance through the season, we will ensure to keep these areas cut down and maintained at all times. They have also been vital to ensuring the bunkers are being fully raked daily and tee boxes are being dittoed twice a week. 

It’s always about the small details on the course that can determine the overall presentation and with their help, we now have a team of 8 working on the course full time to assist with our goals of ever-improving the reputation of the course. 

Earlier in the month, we had a contracted company (Complete Weed Control) onsite and spray a selective herbicide on all playing areas across the whole site. 
Everything other than the Greens and Tees was sprayed. The speed and accuracy of application they carried out meant that everything was sprayed in just over 7 hours, with very minimal interactions between themselves and golfers.  You will already start noticing that any weeds around the course are dying off, in particular, the white clover flower and perennial grasses have a chance to re-establish themselves in their place. 

Unfortunately, we do need to address an issue that is becoming more evident at the moment, and this is the ever-increasing number of unrepaired pitch marks on the greens and no raking of the bunkers after play. Now before we jump to the same answers of blaming societies and guests for causing the issues, myself and the team have all witnessed both of these issues more and more recently and it’s not always external players! 

We need to take more pride in the course and ask yourselves if you are putting and the ball hits an unrepaired pitch mark or lands in footprints in the bunker you would not be pleased.This is not about a blame game; this is about everyone stepping up and repairing those pitch marks and quickly raking the bunker if you find it not touched. 
If everyone can chip in and do their bit, then we can put a stop to this and again keep improving the standards across the whole site. 

If you are unaware, an unrepaired pitch mark on the green which is left for more the 2 hours, can take up to 2 months longer to repair than a correctly and swiftly repaired pitch mark. An incorrectly repaired pitch mark can take 4 weeks to effectively recover, but a correctly and promptly repaired pitch mark will begin to recover in 24 hours, so timing is essential. So what is the right and wrong way to repair pitch marks

Following on from this, it’s always effective to use the base of the putter to settle it down and re-establish soil contact for the recovery process. 

Like I said, this is not a blame game, this is about taking pride and ownership of the course and making it as enjoyable and fair for everyone, and if you are part of a group and you notice pitch marks and bunkers not being repaired or addressed, then a gentle reminder and maybe education on how we should be looking after the course. 

From the Golf Operations Manager

Wow, already into July; this year is flying by. In my seven years of being here, I want to say that the course is in the best condition it has ever been this has only been possible due to the great team of green keepers we have here at The Bristol.
We have recently had a significant increase in General score cards, which is fantastic to see members wanting to do this. But there have been a lot of cards that have not been filled in properly or submitted correctly.
Here is a step-by-step on how to correctly fill in a score card for general play.

1. Check in before your round either on your mobile phone or on the touch screen in the bar 

2. At the top of the card in the Competition section, please write General Play Scorecard.

3. Put in the Date and time of your round 

4. In the Player A section, put your name 

5. In the Player B section, put your partner’s name who will be marking your card for General play 

6. Fill out your card hole by hole

7. At the end of the round please check your scores with your playing partner and get your card signed.

8. Once you have completed your round, you can submit your scores either by inputting your score on your mobile phone or you can submit your card on the computer in the bar. 

9. Once you have entered your card into IG pop your card into the general play box. 

Please note you can’t submit a General play score card without a playing partner

If you want to submit an Away General play scorecard

1. Check in on the my England golf app 

2. Submit the score on the app 

3. If possible, bring the scorecard back to the club and submit it to the General Play Scorecard Box.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Me either via email or through the IG app.


From the Men’s Captain

Hello again all. 
Well, here we are. Let the drums roll, or in my case, the vuvuzela honk!! Yes, it’s July and that means club champs month, where dreams come true or in my case, another cut missed!!! I can only hope my record improves, but more on that later. 
Before we carry on with the Bristol golfing news, a big shout-out must go to Matt Fitzpatrick for winning the US Open, which was a fabulous achievement considering the challenge of so many Americans, in their own back – yard. The boy from Sheffield did good and let’s hope for another Englishman to reign supreme at the Open in July. 

Back to us. 
Before I go any further, I would like to take the opportunity to highlight and say thank you to the generosity of the members at the Bristol golf club, for supporting our charity day on the 11th of June and donating so generously allowing us to raise £1585 for our chosen charity ‘Springboard Opportunity Group’. I don’t want to repeat what Sue has said, but may I also take the opportunity to say thanks to Ian and Barbara with the ‘boat’ and Matt for supporting the beat the pro, which also supports in adding different avenues to raise money for the charity. As per Sue’s note may I also take the opportunity to say very well done to the winners. 

On Monday 20th, Mike West (Vice-Captain) and I undertook the 72-hole, longest day challenge to raise funds for the charity by selling tees to play one round with us through the day, which we also incorporated as the captain v Vice-Captain challenge for 2022. It was an incredible day, where the sun and weather were our friend all day, and unbelievably the winner was decided at 21H40, on the last hole courtesy of two birdies by Sagran Rajh and Wayne Pearce ensured the captain’s team won 96 – 94 points over the day. It gave the captain bragging rights for half an hour but most importantly, through selling tees and our sweepstake for guessing the winning score plus a few donations, we raised another £825. Again thanks to all that joined us on the day (especially the 5 am crew which I was concerned about filling, but you all stepped up), and all that donated and supported us through the event. 

The day did include individual prizes, and well done to Wayne Pearce, who won with 43 points beating Chris Chinnock with 42 and Sags with 40. 

I would also like to say a special thank you to Mike Stephens, who supported in the running and management of these events offering invaluable support. Also, to Mike West for his support in slogging 72 holes with me and running the sweep.  

Now on to the month’s golfing highlights and achievements. 
We started the month with a board event in the Anniversary Bowl, which was won with a Nett 65 by Dan Hayward and on the day was also the Gross winner with a 74. 

The June medal was also held, and one score that cannot go under the radar or unnoticed as it wasn’t by the handicap system was Jamie Williams shooting a nett 62 off 18 handicap. Ross Muir also won the 1st Division with a nett –  69. 
Well done, guys. And to all other winners throughout the month. 

So that brings me on to club championships, taking place on 9th and 10th July, where we clearly have a few form horses, but we all dare to dream and, in our men’s handicap secretaries’ case, get his once-a-year club champs’ outfit out! Guys, if you haven’t entered, please do so very quickly to support the team in getting the draw in place; as you know, it is in handicap order on Day 1. I can also add the event is looking like the biggest I have ever seen, with 98 entries to date, so the top 36 gross and nett to make day two will be more challenging than ever.   

The knockouts continue to progress, and may I please ask that you support Wayne Pearce in playing these matches in the time scale provided on the draw sheet and, where possible get matches in as early as possible. 

Now for an update on the league teams where the Bristol teams have enjoyed a good June, in particular the 3rd team, who under the captaincy of Leigh Jenkins are a win away from promotion. 

So up-to-date performances:

1st team: (Bristol District league Div. 2) – Played 5, with 2 wins, a half and 2 losses (June results were a 2.5 – 2.5 draw with the Kendleshire at home and a 3-2 win against Players at home). 

2nd team (Bristol District league Div. 6) – Played 7, won 3 and lost 4. (June results were a 3.5 – 1.5 win at home to Knowle and a 4 -1 defeat at Filton). 

3rd Team (Bristol District League Div. 8) – Played 8, won 5 and lost 3 (June results were 5 -0 win at home to Tracey Park, 3-2 loss away at The Players and a 3-2 win away at Clevedon). A win away at Filton would see the 3rds get promoted, and I will be sure to update the team’s performance again next month. Good luck all. 

On the social side, our Stags got a 4 -2 win at home to Tall Pines, A 4 – 1 win against Salford and a 3.5 – 1.5 loss at Stockwood Vale. 

In other team events, our Seniors played its 1st match of the Senior Scratch Foursomes Salver, which was a 2 – 1 home win against Shirehampton, and through to the next round with a home draw against Knowle. 

The Presidents Cup also took place, and unfortunately, our team lost 3 -2 away to Chipping Sodbury, with the tie going to the last match. 

From my side, that is it for now all. When I report in next, we will know our 2022 club champion. May I wish you all the best over the club champs’ weekend and happy golfing.   

James Adcock- Men’s Captain 

From the Seniors Captain


Greetings all for sunny Spain though sad to say I have played less golf than being back at home as both Sue and I went down with Covid a few days after getting here. Anyway, we are both ok and hopefully, some golf next week.

Another busy month for the seniors. Starting with the matches, we had an excellent win away at Mendip Spring, lost away to Farrington, and narrowly beat Bowood at home though they more convincingly beat us away, leading to a 2-leg defeat to them of 7-5. We play for a small trophy with them.

The Seniors Section Club Championship was held on 15th and 17th June. Buoyed by an excellent first-round net 68, Bob Lynes convincingly won the net title by 5 shots. The gross title was a closer affair and was won by one shot by Mike Webber, pipping Pat Boyle and Bob Lynes.

Congratulations to Mike, Bob and thank you to everyone who took part. Particular thanks to Tony Fitzhenry for organising it all and coping with getting the results out after some teething issues with IG. Many thanks also to Sam Graham and Tony for filling in for me whilst I have been away.

This week’s Stableford was won by Derrick Gibson with an impressive 41points pipping Peter Tilley by a point. Round 3 of our ASDA trophy was convincingly won by Ken Hardman with 45 points-7 clear of his nearest pursuers. Dave Rutherford won our seniors medal at the end of May in tricky conditions with a net 71.

Our captain’s Charity day is on Wednesday 6th July. Please bring along what you can to add to what hopefully will be a big raffle table. Please also bring along plenty of £1 coins for extras planned to the Stableford competition of buying a mulligan for £1 and hopefully, for another £1 the option of double points for going at a harder pin at maybe the 17th hole( still to be finalised). It would be great to add to the already significant totals from James and Sue’s captain’s Charity days so far- all in support of Springboard Opportunity Group. I will also have some items to auction off.

Our matches include Knowle away and four at home, Brickhampton, Naunton Downs, Thornbury and Mendip Spring. Please let me know if you would like to play, preferably by email or by the sign-up sheets in the changing room.

Happy golfing, everyone and see you soon.

Paul Jarvis

From the Ladies Captain


Well here we are almost in sunny July, Wimbledon is well underway and the strawberries and cream are the centre of attention – as well as the tennis. Golf’s 3rd major of the year is over, with Matt Fitzpatrick taking a hard-earned victory in the US Open at Brookline Country Club. June has seen a great deal of good weather and a commensurately large amount of golf, though a resurgence of COVID is starting to rear its ugly head; let’s hope everyone stays healthy and well. The course is looking in fabulous condition and is playing better than ever.

Winners of our weekly competitions in June are listed below and we must also send congratulations to Marguerite Hardman, who won the prestigious Rose Bowl Stableford Competition from a field of 15 entrants with 35 points. The first rounds of the Ailsa Trophy have been played, and the second rounds are well underway. With so many byes in the first round, we have decided to add everyone who loses in their first-round (whatever actual competition round that may be) to enter the Ailsa Plate.

Our teams have been busy in June, with the Alliance Team playing on 16th June at home against Worlebury. An excellent result for The Bristol Girls, winning by 10 points to 4 – well done! The next match is on 30th June, again at home, against Farrington. The Mid-Handicap League ladies played away against Chipping Sudbury on 23rd June. Bristol Girls once again won the day with 6 points out of a possible 10 – a very good performance when playing away.

The Bristol played a friendly away against Henbury on 7th June, but the planned match against B&C on 20th June was unfortunately cancelled. The team narrowly lost the fixture with Henbury by 2 to 1, but a fun day was had by all – well done ladies!

Rose Bowl – Saturday 4th June – Marguerite Hardman

Tuesday Stableford – Tuesday 7th June – Mandy Wookey

Tuesday June Medal – Tuesday 14th June – Pat Grange

Saturday June Medal – Saturday 18th June – Annie Pryer

Tuesday Stableford – Tuesday 21st June – Annie Pryer

A huge thank you must go out to everyone who supported the Captain’s Charity Day on Saturday 11th June. The event was the largest we have ever run in a shotgun start, with 122 participants and 13 doubled-up tees involved. The event, a pairs betterball Stableford off 85% handicap, was won by the ladies with Mandy Wookey and Val Hufflet scoring a very impressive 47 points in beautiful weather and beating second-place Tracey and Iain Turri by one point. The event was also supported by Matt Law, who ran a beat-the-pro event at the 6th hole and by Barbara and Iain Lewis, who, as well as assisting with the registration and drawing the raffle, also ran the ball in the boat event at the 14th. Overall we raised an incredible £1585 for our chosen charity. This was yet another amazing increase over the last event and I can only offer sincere thanks from James and I for your amazing support and generosity.

With July on the horizon, we have another fun competition on Saturday 2nd July. This will be a Wimbledon theme with the pair with the highest number of ‘games’ winning the prizes. Our Patsome’s Open will be played on 5th July. Hopefully, the draw will be out soon and it’ll be a great day. I’ll be about but not playing as I have a well-timed (not very) hospital appointment that afternoon. This is followed (very closely) by the Club Championships on the weekend of 9/10 July. Sadly, it coincides exactly with my return to the work week, proving definitively that work is indeed a 4-letter word. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment – we’ll be running a side-bet Stableford for each day so you can play on both days even if you don’t want to enter the Club Champs – more details to follow. The Lady Captain’s Cup will be played on Sunday 24th July, followed just a couple of days later by another fun competition – format TBC. July is topped off by the Friendship Trophy on the 30th. This event wasn’t played last year due to the shortened competition season forced on us by COVID. It’s a hi-lo handicap pairs game, so now’s a good time to start thinking about who you’d like to play with. The County and Open Competition circuits are still in full swing and I wish good luck to all of those ladies playing in these events this year.

That’s about enough from me for now; just a final congratulations to our men’s captain and vice-captain, James Adcock and Mike West, for their 72-hole epic on 20th June to raise money for this year’s charity. The event was well supported and they raised a staggering £800 – an excellent effort – hope the feet have recovered guys. Stay safe and enjoy your golf – I’m sure that there’s lots more sun on the way and plenty of golf.